Library heritage fair to promote intercultural awareness

The Richmond Public Library will display the presentations of nine students from the Heritage Fair during the week of Nov. 16 to 22 during Multicultural Week.

Coordinator Learning Place Services Lee Anne Smith said, “The focus (of the Multicultural Week programs) is on promoting cultural intercultural communication and intercultural awareness.” 

“Through the week of Nov. 16 to Saturday Nov. 22, nine students who participated in the May Heritage Fair will be showing their displays on multiculturalism and family histories,” said Smith. “The themes of their displays were about multiculturalism or they were family histories from diverse cultures.”

The nine student displays will be available for viewing online after Multicultural Week.

Multicultural Week will start with the premiere public screening of “Settlement Stories,” a two-month digital storytelling project with the theme of ‘Arrival in Richmond.” One storyteller is from Thailand, two from China, one from Lebanon, and one from Palestine.

Other highlights include an author panel on writing in a multicultural community, and an intercultural communication workshop. The four authors are Chinese, Korean, a Jew from Columbia, and Chile.

Multicultural Week programs will take place at the main Brighouse branch at 100-7700 Minoru Gate. The programs are all free and drop-in.

City council is looking to pass a by-law to require English on all signs. The Richmond Public Library would not comment on the issue.


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Erin Boe is a journalism student at Langara College in Vancouver, B.C.
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