Tweeted photo of sign reminds Richmond u-turns are illegal at intersections

Richmond recently put up a sign reminding drivers that U-turns are illegal at intersections with traffic lights. But why did the city feel there was a necessity to put this type of sign up? Could more of these signs make a difference?

Martin van del Hemel of the Richmond Review recently posted a picture on Twitter of a sign in the Brighouse area that said, “U-turns are illegal at intersections with traffic lights.”

 “I think (the no U-turn sign reminder) will stop the majority of people from doing it,” said city councillor Derek Dang. “But I can’t speak for everybody. I don’t believe we’ll achieve a hundred per cent compliance.”

Dang said prior to the Canada Line, along 3 Road, the city did allow U-turns at “certain points”, but that changed once the Canada Line was built.

It has been four years after the Canada Line opened along No. 3 Road, and drivers still haven’t figured out the new rules of the road that it generated and are still doing U-turns. Dang said he doesn’t believe that there are any legal U-turns at this stage in Richmond.

A screen shot of a map of Richmond detailing reported crashes in 2013. (ICBC)

A screen shot of a map of Richmond detailing reported crashes in 2013. (ICBC)

An ICBC crash report illustrated in an interactive graph showed Minoru Boulevard & Minoru Gate (Richmond Centre mall access) had four accidents in 2013, Granville Avenue & Minoru Blvd. had 33, and No. 3 & Lansdowne Road had 30, to name a few. There are two crash types recorded: casualty and property damage. There is no indication if U-turns caused any of the crashes. The listed intersections are all in areas with possible opportunities of people doing U-turns.

Richmond’s traffic section has given out 4098 violation tickets in the past five years. However, the police’s tracking system doesn’t calculate U-turn tickets as a separate category.

“You can have all the signage in the world, but you have to catch the guys at it,” said Dang.


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Erin Boe is a journalism student at Langara College in Vancouver, B.C.
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